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Frequently Asked Questions




Is the BobaFluff Washable?

Yes! all of our plushies can be gently hand-washed with water and soap. We recommend to handle be extra careful when squeezing or ironing the Bobafluff, as this is when it's the most suceptible to damage.

How big is the BobaFluff?

The Bobafluff currently comes in four different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. The exact measurements are as follows:

Small: 9" / 24 cm

Medium: 14" / 35 cm

Large: 20" / 50 cm

Extra Large: 28" / 70 cm

sizes are measured from the bottom tip of the Bobafluff to the tip of the straw. Please note that plushies are compressed on arrival, and you should hit them around a bit and let them aerate, preferably under the sun so that they go back to their original fluffy shapes. This is only when measurements are accurate! Also, please allow a variance in measurement of 2-3 cm (about 1") as all our plushies are hand-made.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through our "Contact Us" page, reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email directly at

How do I know if a website is selling legitimate BobaFluffs?

Nobody is more passionate about making sure that your BobaFluffs is the real deal than we are. Shop worry free or email us at to double check!


Which Size Should I Get?

The XL versions are currently the most popular ones, so that's what we would recommend. You also get the most "bang for your buck" that way :)

Which Variant Should I get?

It depends on your taste! Our personal favorite is the standard caramel Bobafluff, but we recieve lots of customer feedback saying they love the cream and the caramel smile eyes versions. If you are not sure, we recommend tossing a coin and let fate decide :)

Is the BobaFluff good a good gift?

Yes, Absolutely! The BobaFluff would be an excellent gift to surprise family members, friends or loved ones with. In fact, lots of our customers purchase the BobaFluff as a present, and, based on their feedback we can tell that it's usually a present that's very warmly recieved.

Is there a warranty on your products?

Yes! By default we offer a 30-day warranty on all of our products. If you experience any issues with the Bobafluff or for any reason is unhappy with your purchase, don't worry! Simply contact us and let us know and we will refund your transaction.

Is your website secure?

Absolutely! Our website is powered by Shopify whose compliance covers all six PCI standard categories making all transactions protected.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment through PayPal and Apple Pay along with any major Credit or Debit Card companies.

How can I cancel my order?

We will do our best to cancel your order by your request. However, we can't gurantee we will be to do so due to our fulfillment timeframes. Please send a request through our website or to with your order number. If all else fails, you are always welcome to return or exchange your products after you receive them too!


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We are proud to say we ship worldwide! Note that shipping times may vary depending on your location.

When will my BobaFluff ship?

All our orders are processed and fulfilled daily with the exception of weekends and holidays where processing might take a bit longer (2-3 days). Orders are usually shipped within 24-72 hours. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive and email reflecting that your order has been shipped, along with your tracking number(s).

Please note that orders might not always ship within 72 hours due to stock issues, lack of (or wrongful) order information, billing delays, or errors with theorder verification process.

Can you provide me with a tracking number?

All tracking numbers are will be emailed to you as soon as the tracking information becomes available, usually 2-5 days. From there you can check up on your package through our "Track your order" page. If you have any further questions regarding your order, feel free to contact us at

What are your shipping times?

We are contstantly working to provide faster shipping times to our customers, however, due to facing high demand combined with the current world situation, shipping times are a slower compared to normal.

We will still always aim to be as transparent as possible with our shipping times, so here is an overview of what you can expect based on the where you live:

United States: 20 - 40 days

Canada: 15 - 30 days

United Kingdom: 20 - 40 days

Australia: 20 - 40 days

New Zealand: 13 - 20 days

Rest of the World: 20 - 40 days

We are working hard to find alternative shipping methods so that you can get your BobaFluff's faster. Should there be absolutely anything you need help with regarding shipping or anything else, contact us at and we'll work it out.

What do I do if I still have not received my order?

Once your order has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email which will advise your estimated delivery date. If your order has not arrived by the estimated delivery date, contact us and we will help you in any way we can.

In order to recheck by yourself, you can do this:

Input the tracking number to view your packages up to date tracking information. Check if we have the correct delivery address for your order and that your contact details are up to date. This is relatively rare, but check if your order is being held up in customs. We suggest calling your country's local post office/national post office or customs department directly and ask that they release & deliver your items immediately. Check to see if you have a delivery card from the carriers. Your parcel may be awaiting collection at a local sorting office or delivery depot, or you may need to arrange redelivery by calling your country's local post office. Check with your neighbors to see if they have accepted the parcel on your behalf.

If you still cannot locate your order, we ask you to please allow 40 days from dispatch before reporting an item as missing.

If your order has not arrived after this time, and you are certain that it isn't a neighbor or another member of your household that has taken your package, please contact us and we will investigate further and arrange a replacement item to be sent immediately.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?

It’s hard for us to imagine why you’d want to return your Bobafluff—we stand behind our pretty amazing products and offer a limited lifetime guarantee for product defects—but hey, sometimes things don’t work out and we want you to be happy. If you are dissatisfied with any of our products, we will accept all returns and give you a full refund within a 30 day window.

To view our full refund policy, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your returns, feel free to contact us at

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