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The Original BobaFluff™

The Original BobaFluff™ - BobaFluff

The Original BobaFluff™

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The Cutest Thing Ever Created

After years of continous research on the science of cuteness, we have finally narrowed it down to two things: Boba tea and super soft, fluffy plushies - combined. Yes, that's right. It's the ultimate formula for cuteness, and it's a formula so potent that it's not for the faintest of hearts. You might not be able to handle the potential side effects that comes with being around the cutest thing ever created. Side effect include: A sudden spike in positive emotion whenever you are around your BobaFluff, and experiencing an overwhelming urge to hug it for hours on end. Yes, the BobaFluff does in fact have those effects on people.


Perfect For The Boba Lover

 Do you love Boba? Do you like cute things? If so the BobaFluff is a must have for you. You can't drink it *YET* (we're still working on that part), but it will for sure give you a better feeling than a cup of boba ever will, and that says something. Just imagine that fuzzy, positive, warm feeling you get when you wake up and see this huge Boba plushie full of positvity and joy sitting in your room just smiling at you - You will instantly have a better day, everyday.


Why The BobaFluff?

  •  It gives you that day-changing boost of positivity, encouragement and calmness when you catch a glimse of it as you go about your day
  •  It's super soft and comfortable (it can even be used as a super-comfy pillow)
  • It's budget friendly (we do our best to keep the price as low as we can to keep it accessible to as many people as possible).
  • Its a must-have for the true bobalover as well as for those who just likes cute things.
  • It is the perfect romantic gift (Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend will love it, and in turn, love you).


A Unique Gift

Why scratch your head trying to think of the perfect present for a loved one's special day, when we've already done all the head-scratching for you? Wrap up their new Bobafluff and give them a unique surprise that is guaranteed to fill their heart with joy!



While certain other companies out there will try to sell you counterfeit versions of the BobaFluff, there's only one ORIGINAL version - and that's the one you can get right here. If you or anyone you know become aware of counterfeit BobaFluff plushies being sold online or off, please report the guilty party to, cheap counterfeit versions will probably be of lesser quality and will be more suceptible to tears.

Remember - is the ONLY place where you can get the authentic original BobaFluff plushie. Turn your lounge, bedroom or living room into a place of joy by placing your order today. WARNING: STOCK IS LIMITED - avoid disappointment by bagging your very own Bobafluff right now!


  • Material: Soft Plush + PP Cotton
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